Mechanical Engineer wanting to get an ID Degree

Hi I’m currently a freshman in college getting my Mechanical engineering degree. I want to get into industrial design, but I don’t want to drop my Mechanical engineering degree yet. Can I get a masters in industrial design after I get my ME Degree, or should I double major? I also want to get an MBA. What should I do?
THanks For Your input!

There are lots of answers and a lot of the info you are looking for can be found in similar posts on this board.

Dig around a bit and then feel free to come back with more ?'s.

Well to narrow down my question. I want to get into product design for a design firm, footwear company, or consumer electronic company. Should I have a mechanical engineering degree with an industrial design degree to make me more rounded? Would it be helpful for me in my future job search to have a mechanical engineering degree with my industrial engineering degree?

your school offers both degrees?
Are you allowed to get a Minor in one or the other?

try taking some foundations classes next semester

Will a minor in industrial design allow me to get a industrial design job?

this comes up fairly often, dig through the older threads to find opinions on career options and the 2 majors.
I’d say except for extremely rare individuals the double major is not possible. it’s usually one or the other. try to take some classes in ID foundations and see if you develop any preferences.
why do you want an MBA?

It is very possible. I’m getting a degree in ID and a degree ME in May 2009. And no you don’t have to be a special individual. You do have to be willing to work extremely hard. If you want it bad enough, you can definitely pull it off. Start early and plan out your coursework freshman year to make it manageable. It’s turning out fine for me now, but it has been a struggle at times. Research places that offer both and ask questions about the respective programs. With both of these degrees, many places require co-ops making doing both degrees tough. If you want to know more, PM me.