Mechanical Engineer 2 Industrial Engineer

:smiley: Hi Folks ,
Please help a Mechanical Engineer with 5 plus years design exposure in a multitude of industries (that’s me) find a good Product design/ ID programme (Post Graduate) in the US / Singapore

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m following it up with some related issues .

After going through Most of the discussions, I am left with some good Graduate schools specializing in BFA , BID etc. :unamused:
TO ALL MY FRIENDS discussing, please keep in mind that the degree of interest is MID, Master Product Design, MDES, MS etc.


hey naveen

did u get into some school for an MID what quarter are u interested in ??

Hi thanks 4 the response .
No, I havent done ny shortlisting.
The problem is , i feel that most of the programs require an art background. which I dont hv in ‘degree’. but I’m sure of my art skills (I can do portraits)
clay, cement n sketch

I think you mean “M.E. 2 Industrial Designer”. An Industrial Engineer isn’t the same as an Industrial Designer.

At any rate, I have the same question(s) that you do. I called Art Center a while back and they told me that in order to enter the Master’s program I’d have to have a portfolio equal to that of an Industrial Designer with an Undergrad degree. I don’t have this. You have more experience though than me so maybe you are capable of it?

I already have an engineering degree though, so getting a master’s would be nice, but it seems that I have to go for another undergrad because I simply haven’t taken years of drawing, painting, modeling and etc. courses. Therefore, of course, I don’t have the ability to make a professional industrial designer’s portfolio.

every program has different requiremnts. I tend to agreee with Art Center’s, but many schools allow their grads to have subpar portfolios, or wave them all together, in exchange for a 3-4 year master’s degreee.