Mech/product designer with a NEED to be more creative.

Hi guys,

I’m in a bit of a predicament, I’ve been working as a product designer for 2.5 years, more of a mechanical engineer role of inspecting manufactured parts, changes to productions methods, dimensioning drawing, liaising with third party suppliers etc. I absolutely hate it. My back ground is of product design, more the creative process, also have experience in graphic design.

Im finding it difficult to get anything creative related i.e industrial design as my experience is now more mechanical.

Could i use the mech experience to my advantage at all? Also any suggestions of approaching more of a creative design job. My mind is blank.


Your company doesn’t have a new product development group?

Then quit. Find a company that does.

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You can look for design firms looking to hire mechanical engineers but then you’ll be doing the same type of work but at a design firm. You can then transition to design depending on your design skills.
Keep your job and work on your design skills in order to have a bitching design portfolio. Maybe it’ll take you a year or two but it will be better than doing a job you hate for the next 30 years…
Your mechanical engineering experience would definitely be an asset to compliment your design skills. But if your design skills are not there, you will be hired to perform mechanical engineering tasks not design.
Good luck.