Mech It Out

Mech It Out
Initiate a fight with the mech above you.


  1. Draw a mech that you think will win against the mech above you.
  2. Show how your mech will win with your sketches. Don’t tell.
  3. Good Luck, Have Fun.

Problem solving, form development, communication.


  1. Mechs only.
  2. Don’t post without a mech.

So I will start us off:


The armadillo roller drives low to the ground and uses its rotary cannon and rolling grenades to trip up the SketchBot. It intentionally draws cannon fire to its juicy jet intake, which is ultimately useless otherwise. It also hopes that its armor plates might hold up.

the rules confused me a bit to be honest, but I did sketch a robot.

what is GLHF?

Good luck, have fun

indomitable Banker-bot 3000

My first mech! Sorry Banker-Bot…

Ah well, not to worry. During its last moments I’m pretty sure the Bankerbot CPU would’ve executed a final instruction to terminate all future funding for the Redbellybutton robotics company.

Banker-Bot is too big to fail.

Las-Plat takes aim at his opponent’s red glowing heart.

Battling bots?

Can we just call this one a draw?

Mecha cat Love story…


Steamrolled by Poochmonster 100! :smiling_imp:

Slider bot

Slides under the robot and fires a hi impact laser into the under belly.

I call these mechs IF YOU SEE ME JUST RUN!

Check out these guns