Mech. Engineer Portfolio Review

Hi everyone!

Can you please help me by giving me some feedback on my portfolio? I recently graduated as a mechanical engineer and I’m interested in working in product design.

Here is the portfolio that I’ve been sending with my applications. There are some projects I did in school, and also some projects that I worked on at an internship. The internship projects are not ready to be released yet, and because of confidentiality reasons can’t be shown. Do you think that I’m presenting them well?

Here’s a Google Doc with a PDF of my portfolio. For some reason Google docs doesn’t show pictures in high definition so bear that in mind.

Here’s my profile in Coroflot with my resume and portfolio in “HD.”
If you can also critique my resume I’d appreciate it!

Thank you very much!!

Well done in taking the first steps – it is good that you have created a portfolio and made it available for feedback.

Here are few things you may want to address – if you plan to be there to discuss your portfolio, you may very well be able to do many of these things verbally:

  • What were the challenges each project presented?
  • What solutions were developed to meet these challenges?
  • What makes this solution appropriate / what makes this solution unique?
  • What tools were used to perform the analysis? Excel? Matlab? Mathcad? Ansys?
  • What did you learn and how can you apply it in the future?
  • How is the torque arm used? Why is weight critical? What materials were considered and why?
  • How did you reverse-engineer the pressure gauge? Measurements? Scan data?
  • From where did you get tolerance information for a reverse engineered component? What drove your assumptions?

A few other things (which may be a bit nit-picky):

  • What’s the story with the surface finish of 1000 Ra? – A turned part like this would easily meet a spec of 64 or 32. You can hit 1000 Ra with a hacksaw.
  • You may wish to consider including your email with the portfolio

Thank you again sprockets!

I’m glad that you are nit-picky, those are the details I need to address!

We were designing our own parts and defining our own tolerances and we were required to satisfy those tolerances in order to move on. We used a surface finish 1000 Ra in order to not worry about it. Also, the finish of this part wasn’t critical at all. But yes, you are right, this manufacturing process and this part met much more strict specs.

nico. Great start.

I’m reasonably sure your ideas didn’t just pop out of your head directly into CAD. Do you have any hand drawn “process” sketches you can throw in? CAD is important but as a developer of ideas an industrial designer needs to be able to quickly capture thoughts with sketches and shows a prospective employer a lot about your methodology. Coffee stains and yellow ruled paper are acceptable
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