mean, green energy

i honestly love “the onion”.

not too long ago, there was a discussion regarding how car design may have an impact on human behavior. there’s been a trend and maybe even a desire for today’s automobiles to have an “aggressive” look such that the driver could connect with the car on some emotional level. well, as the discussion went, if everyone was driving these aggressive cars, wouldn’t that inspire us to drive more aggressively?

to that end, here “the onion” plays on that idea:

as design inspiration goes, humor is my personal favorite. the stuff that i find funny usually comes from “left field”, or “spur of the moment” situations. so WHENEVER something funny happens, i like to turn it into a design opportunity…

what if you could power your car simply by “thinking”?

i mean, we’ve got personal transportation that can fly:

and cars that can park themselves:

we have been able to achieve these concepts which were the stuff of science-fiction. is it time to achieve the impossible?

how could a car be powered by the act of thought? i’m assuming it would a great deal of thought to power a 3000 lb. vehicle so maybe i’m shooting for the stars here. but what if it were 1 lb. or smaller vehicle or product?

iPod running low on juice:
jerry: “i hate when this thing runs out of batteries!!!”
ipod: “ding. i’m charged now, thanx.”

how could i use some of these to convert my thougths into clean energy:

I like the anger powered car… I’d be runnin’ on a full tank with all these fricken lame ass Californai drivers gettin’ in my way all the time. Ha.

They need Anger powered airplanes. Everyone is so pissed off at the airport by the time they get boarded there would be enough fuel to fly round trip from San Francisco to London.