MDES product design online folio.


This is my up to date online portfolio, any advice, comments or suggestions?

Hoping to start sending some applications for jobs/interns soon so would be very grateful.

Cheers in advance.

Portfolio link I’m guessing? From another thread.

Great start… Thanks for that.

I just had a quick look at your portfolio. You have some nice projects and modelling skills.

I noticed the focus is more on the final result and there isn’t much about the process to this end result. One thing I noticed myself when applying for an internship was that the process behind my projects was also important to the company. Maybe you can consider putting a bit more process images in your portfolio.
It might be an option t0 include your resume in your portfolio.

I noticed you used different kinds of image sliders, I personally would stick to one style. I would try to keep all image sizes the same, because sometimes the white arrow of the image slider isn’t visible due to the white background. This is more my personal preference.

Maybe it would be nice to have a bit of text about your photography skills. What kind of gear do you use? what is your style? favourite subjects to photograph? (just some suggestions)

Nice work, your photo skills are quite refined.

I agree with what Mixel said above, you should put in any process work that you have. Since we are visual people I would say explain why you chose the project before you jump into the knitty gritty, why you chose the project (which I am sure is in the paragraphs, but those are long), any research you did, and any and all concepts you had from the early ideas to the more refined concepts. For all projects, you’ll want to show what other ideas you had and why the direction you chose was the strongest of the concepts. You have a nicely done sketch page on the home page but then I only saw one other page of sketches that didn’t have as striking as a composition.

You definitely have good concepts, just show why you chose that direction from other ideas you had.

Sorry for the ridiculously slow reply,

Thanks for all that advice, I got around to making a CV that matched my current site too.

I’m in the process of just going through all the wording and making sure I convey the right things. I have uploaded a few pictures of models/prototypes into the slideshows (which are still different due to the limitations of Squarespace) but intend to make that more explicit as I organise my files and sort things out.

On a brighter note I managed to win the ‘Brightest Spark’ award for my contemporary bee smoker. Awarded by Marcus Hirst, head designer at Ron Arad associates

Great work and interesting idea on the Pluck and Smoka. One suggest would be to reduce the text below the images. Plus its too small to read and it scares me because its time consuming. Why not to make a separate page with icons and infographics which will be interesting to read/see. Honestly I did not read any text.
On the pluck project, the UI on the iphone looks fake because the phone is blurred out and the UI image is sharp. Either have the UI image blurred or show the iphone with out the blur. Some how the perspective of the UI does not look correct, if you check the font level, it should match the bottom right box also with text, if there was any.
As said before, add more process slides and try not to repeat the same products render again and again in different angle without any purpose/meaning like dont for Orbit. Why not to add some text on details/materials/assembly/manufacturing/cost/how to use etc… Other vise its boring to just flip at render images.
In your CV just try to align all those blue rectangle boxes, its kind of disturbing so see popping out from the group.
Great photography and mockup skills on the projects, crisp, clear & nice website.