shameless self promotion, but i just went live with this site last week and I would love some feedback.


Split you off from the Designer site topic.

I like the clean feel a lot. Nice job!

When I click the object next to the tea kettle (radio?), the link doesn’t work.

When I click “Portolio” I feel like some images should pop up or something. It doesn’t feel like I clicked for some reason.

thanks for the feedback. i think i might be having a server issue. i clicked on the link you mentioned (it’s actually an air purifier) and it gave me a bad request and then tried again and it worked. i’ll look into it.

Hey Matt,

too bad about this weekend, but I’m counting on you for the reschedule though…c’mon!

Some good stuff here man!
I was really diggin the thinking in a couple of the furniture pieces (nesting/telescoping chairs/couch etc.)
I didn’t dig too deep, it’s getting late, but will be sure to come back to check it out in more detail soon.
Particularly want to dig into some of that methods coursework stuff, pretty pictures are sexy, but I’m always after cool graphical ways of communicating info like that. This just made me realize it’s been a really long time since I saw any of your stuff.

on a technical note:
The air purifier worked for me fine the first time then had an error the next time I clicked it.