Mcor Matrix paper RP - has anyone used one

This has me intrigued due to the low material cost- A4 paper and glue:

but I can’t find anything about it being sold or used anywhere. The company didn’t reply to me when I emailed.

Has anyone used one or seen it in action? How much is it? The only price mentioned I’ve found is in a comment on a blog -23000 pounds.

I haven’t actually seen it but it does look interesting. I would love to see what the resolution is on an actual samples.

Hi Sanjy,

I believe that company had been bought out by Solido. Or then went under and Solido surfaced to the market. I have some samples here in the office, but to my knowledge not too many people are using it. I posed the question “LOM dead or alive” on a linkedin discussion and have not heard too many responses.