McKinsey Report on the Value of Designers in Businesses

Interesting read -------- Duh. Designers have been espousing this for decades.

Fastcompany article:


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… what’s the issue here?

this might be an easier to parse link: Redesigning the design department | McKinsey

Thank you so much for posting this. It’s just what I needed to put various lines of thought together that I need to communicate with my department.

It does capture a lot of good stuff, and having it come fro McKinsey is great for forwarding it to your CEO. I appreciated that little roles wrap up at the end for CEO and CDO. If you forward it on, I’d include a little TLDR summation for the execs you send it to!

Agreed Yo/MD! I have put together a powerpoint summarizing it and I’ll be running through it with my manager first. I like to get team support. Depending on how that goes, I might be forwarding things on to my CEO and VP’s. I have another powerpoint I’ve been chipping away at over the past year or so that integrates well. This study might be a good primer for the push I hope to make with my own presentation.

Mckinsey intelligence reports are the great post-modern deconstructors of anything that makes business tick. Use to be the Rand Corp.

The report’s thrust opens with the increasing focus on the transparency in design. Does anyone here create counter measures like Apple does to show progress but not reveal what is really being developed when the suits schedule a visit? They do not address the importance of confidentiality and non-disclosure in the report.

The new Design Thinking business types love to snoop and apply their understanding of design to what is going on at the detail level I have found.

That’s a good point about addressing confidentiality. I have learned there are certain things that don’t turn out well if they get expedited through sales before they are fully developed. I’ll have to address that while also attempting to prevent siloing the design department. If you play the confidentiality hand too much, you aren’t included in the decisions anymore. That leads to a drive-through design service process in the company, which is what I’m trying to avoid. Not that drive-through projects can’t happen, but if that’s all that happens, it under-utilizes the department and leads to poor morale.

OH man this is exactly what I’ve been looking for… Thank you for posting this.

not to imply anything, but remember McKinsey did buy several design firms including Lunar, and might not be completely impartial. they have a vested interest in selling design services.

Good point.