A question for people who hire people…

Is an MBA from a school like University of Phoenix useful in ID? Do employers see it as an asset, or is it just ignored as a BS degree?

I’m interested in pursuing an MBA, but I won’t have the time or money to attend a traditional university for at least a few years.

I’m just trying to determine if a UofP is worth it or if it would just be a waste of time and money.


…if your ultimate goal is management then go for the mba, otherwise it likely will not gain you much as an id…i suggest you get an id job and let your employer pick up the tab for the mba (most corp gigs will cover at least 1/2)…

If your question is, “Is an MBA from the University of Phoenix a ‘legitimate’ degree?”

I would suggest that you call YOUR alma mater and find out if they would accept credits from a UofP student seeking enrollment.

there are other online programs from well-known schools. might be perceived better than UofP. worth considering those too.

You should seriously consider an evening or weekend MBA program somewhere else. At least consider an online program that is linked to some on campus programs.

WASC and ACBSP accreditation are good to look for.

As an ID manager with an MBA I can give you some insight into the value of an MBA in the design world:

  • First and foremost, an MBA will grease the skids to get into design or marketing management. If this isn’t one of your goals then don’t waste your time.

  • Second, I highly recommend finding a job with tuition reimbursement benefits. I had 100% of my MBA paid for by my company (including books). Most companies make you sign an agreement not to bolt for 1 year after you finish or else you owe them some cash…

  • Finally, if you plan to invest the time, money and sweat in an MBA then go to a decent school. There is brand recognition in MBA schools. As a hiring manager I may be looking at two MBAs for the same job and U of Phoenix may not get the same decision weight as another brick-and-mortar school. It may sound snobish, but it’s the real world. There is something to be said for group projects, public presentations, teamwork, etc. - all of which you learn in traditional MBA schools.

Good luck with your decision.

Thanks everyone! That helps a lot.

I don’t know what my ultimate goal is yet, but management or opening my own firm are among the things that I am considering.

I am going to wait until I can commit the time and energy and go to a more reputable school. Hopefully by then I will have a job at a company that will reimburse some of the expense.

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