MBA in Design Strategy

So, CCA is introducing an MBA in Design Strategy, do any of you senior guys or gals have any initial reactions to this? Are any other schools offering degrees in Design Strategy? This seems to be a very hot new area of the design field, but I don’t see many schools offering degrees in it. So how have people become stratigist before and how will this change in the future? Any thoughts…?

MBA’s are dime-a-dozen as it is.
I’d be doubly suspicious of a business degree granted by an Art School.

hmm…I don’t know the reputation that CCA has, but the fact that it was an art school offering an MBA got my attention. My hope would be that some design thinking would be mixed in with the traditional business logic which could be an interesting mix.

Oh I agree, and the Stanford dSchool is setting the standard for that.

But 5 four day weekends at an Art school is an MBA that will be worthless in the business world.
If it was a Design Magagement program, that’d be different.

I’m actually looking for a similar program. I agree that going every once in a while doesn’t make sense. Any ideas as to which schools are offering anything good. What do you think about Polytecnica de milano, domus, central saint martins, Babson?. I’ve just come across one at IED Milan don’t know if its any good though. Heard that Pratt has a executive education program on this.
Really want to apply now for next fall…
Any ideas as to which schools are good from this list? Looking for a mix of Design Management/Strategic & innovative thinking…

Interesting. In Hong Kong I am getting a Masters Of Design Strategies from the School of Design and the MBA students are taking courses with me.

Different places, different ways.

So what is your opinion about the programs i mentioned?

I know there’s lots of new programs out there, but honestly I don’t know anyone in ID management, (strategy or anything else) that got there because of what they studied in school. They just had the capacity and drive to rise to the top, they had to prove they could manage.

the degree isn’t necessary at all, and it certainly is no guarantee.

True…but I think a graduate study can definitely give u a push in the right direction…and the skills that u lack…

perhaps, to a point.

Instead of 2 years of college, consider taking a new job that will push you in your preferred direction. then apply for a new management position somewhere else.

Which trac would you hire?

I’m sorry I don’t understand the question.
I’m on the other side wanting to be hired not the person hiring…at least not jus yet! Its indicative from the most successful managers that after a point you do have be trained in the terms of higher education to gain managerial skills. I agree by working you gain a lot of experience which is more practical, but educating yourself further can be immensely helpful. Thats why people do MBA’s and then earn double what they made before the mba and a higher position!

I see the problem now, your comparing ID to business and engineering, and it doesn’t work the same.

because there are some 50K MBA’s given out each year, it’s a minimum requirement to move into upper management. Not so in ID. If you want more schooling, it’s a great way to broaden your horizons, add knowledge or skills outside of the core and Business is certainly as helpful as any, but: You start at the bottom and prove you have the chops to lead, period.

A Masters will not double your in come in ID.

Ok. My background is in Architecture and not ID, but I guess it would probably mean the same for Architecture right?
In addition to adding on skills in a new area (business) I basically want to make more money in the long run and get into Design Strategy coz it sounds interesting. Its quite a far cry from Architecture, but it doesn’t hurt in my opinion…and a good raise wud be nice…pay in architecture sucks when u work for someone!
I have 3 years experience out of school, and a masters seems like a good move at this stage. A masters in Architecture sounds too boring after doing 5 years of undergrad, but i cud be wrong and like I said I don’t wanna be making 30-40K for much longer at this age!

Ah, yes it applies the same in Arch where the Masters is needed for advancement. there are some threads concerning making the transition from arch to ID…

Part of the problem is that ID grad school is typically more of just the undergraduate curriculum, as most ID grads are job-changers in need of the basic skills. Which explains why the Masters in ID has no advantage in the job market (including raises/promotions)

The main advantage is for impressing clients - do you intend on freelancing?

without an ID background you won’t get into most grad schools of merit, with the exception of those that excell in taking non-ID: PRATT, IIT, Stanford…

Well i am applying to the schools i mentioned in the same thread earlier in the conversation. wud studying design strategy as a masters really move me from Arch to ID? I’m looking to add business knowledge and product development not really product design to my skill set.
wud like to freelance if i had time to…breaking into the job market with a change in career is really difficult I think without this masters…
don’t really know what kind of job an architectecture degree and a masters in design strategy wud land me?

it would be a unique combination of degrees - probably hard to predict it’s desireability to potential employers. particularly if you wanted to go from school into ID management without having gone from “art-to-part” several times, and if you tried to get some practical experience first, it would not give you a portfolio full of projects to show your understanding of ID’s issues.

Northwestern university in Chicago has an MBA in Product Development. You should check it out.

Well I do have 3 years experience post my undergrad…so its not goin to be straight out of school really…but how much experience is enough experience…can’t think about studyin when im 30+ and tryin to start a family…thats why now seemed like a good time…Not ideal but…

I dont know what else to tell you - ID is definitly better pay on average, 3 years of Arch practice wont get you a job in ID by itself, so school is definitly the way to go.
now, wether that’s grad or not, or business or strategy is up to you. read up on the advice to students on getting jobs - the value of ID Masters (tons of opinions there too) - and start looking more closely at the schools your interested in.
yea it’s tough when you’ve a wife and stuff, try to pick a school in a city where you could get work afterwards so the home thing can be more settled down…

Thanks for the input.