MBA degree help designer?

I’ve just finished my BFA on industrial Design. Now I got a job in a corporation. Since the company has continue education benefits, I am thinking to take another degree out side of work.
I am deciding what kind of degree will help landing a better job in the future. Most people told me that MBA is good for management job, but what about designer??
Any suggestion?

Get a Masters in Design Management. This is more specific to your area.

MBA’s are dime-a-dozen, I heard somehting like 50K graduate a year in U.S.

For a better position in ID perhaps a marketing degree, or human factors, or behavioral psychology/anthropology, maybe manufacturing/engineering?

What are your long term goals for your career?

where do I studying “design managment” ? I know that MBA is popular. But it is also a large topic that can be included a lot of things.
My long term career goal is either have my own company or be a management level designer.
I can only study part time because I have a full time job. would that make any different?

MBAs are made to work for large corporations. MBA does not teach you how to start your own business. It teaches you how to suck up to your subordinates and your boss. That’s because they want to climb that corporate ladder. Do you really want that. You are a creative person not a suck up. The best way to start your own design business is to just learn as much as you can while working in your field. Sooner or later, you will get promoted or transfered to another department. This is the best way to learn. If you need to get into school part-time. Take courses in Entrepreneurial subjects or How to start a business. This will teach you everything from, location, business planning, hiring, product sourcing, venture capitalism.

MBA- you are just wasting your time and money.

But I am in a big corporation right now! I do need to climb that ladder… I am not ready for a business yet, not for another 10 years.
The study money is paid for by the company, at least I am not wasting my money.
I am trying to find something to study in my spare time to gain knowledge and for more possibility in future, especially when I am ready to switch job.
“guest” you seems to dislike the idea of having degree in MBA, Can you give me more example of how the degree give disadvantage for designer?

Getting an MBA after you just graduated totally defeats the purpose. You wont be able to bring anything to class discussions or that you will not be able to appply what you learned because you just started working. Plus, you came from an art background and it will be difficult for you to learn Finance, Accounting, Stats, more Math, Economics…unless you are a quant genius. MBA is just that- a management education-managing people’s problems. There are only 50 MBA schools that are on the list of corporations- it is hard to get in without those quant courses, GMAT, a 2-5 years work experience.

If you still want to go ahead.

Just found this thread and had a couple of suggestions (I’m currently applying for MBA myself) - re what the last commenter said, from what I’ve been told by pretty much everyone, a couple of years work experience greatly enhances your appeal to business schools in general as well as your ability to make the most of an MBA. This is especially true if your work experience is in a corporation (as opposed to government/non-profit). I currently have almost 3 years, and have to say my perspective has changed a lot since working in the real world during this time. So I agree getting some work experience under your belt is probably better than going straight into an MBA.

However, if the company’s paying for it…you may as well get started with night school classes and catch up on class contributions as you develop experience through your current job. The one thing to be careful about regarding night school is that if you eventually decide to go back to school full time, you need to make sure your courses will be counted by the full-time schools. I’ve heard that some schools won’t accept any outside courses, so you have to start all over again once in a full time program.

The other thing that caught my eye was someone saying management degrees don’t help you start your own company. I don’t think this is completely correct - many of the schools I’ve looked at have specific concentrations in entrepreneurship, which seems to basically focus on how to develop business plans, get financing for a startup business, and develop a plan into an actual working company. Even if you want a more general management ed., most schools will offer at least a couple courses in this area. So I wouldn’t assume that MBA = management of existing corporations only.

Hope this helps and good luck with whatever your decision might be!