Mazdaspeed 3 - cool design detail

Check out the way the Mazda designers chose to integrate the fog lights on the new Mazdaspeed 3. I don’t recall seeing this same styling detail on anything outside concept cars before.

Eh… I’m not a fan, it seems a little forced to me :neutral_face:

I like it a lot! Of course, I have a personal affinity towards Mazdas anyhow. Thinking I may go back and get another Mazda6 5-door or maybe even a MazdaSpeed6.

Anyhow, where can I find more pics of this rocket? Is it only available as the 5-door?

6ix: There’s more photos somewhere on this page:

The final North American version has not been revealed yet. It seems like it will be 5 door only though. The engine will be a slightly detuned MZR 2.3L like the Mazdaspeed 6. Unfortunately, the only changes on the outside seem to be new bumpers, inside new seats. The rest is pretty standard 3. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but if you are tossing out an extra 3~4k for a high performance version, I think everything should feel special. We’ll see!

Agree, but I also agree that it’s a neat thought to put in more details like that in production cars.