Mazda Furai

What do you guys think about it? I think it looks pretty dope.

minus the wing and the paint job; NICE. I love this direction they are going. The way that Apple and Audi brought a fresh return to rational and logical form, these guys are flipping it again and doing it well. It easy to throw a bunch of junk on something and over-complicate it. It is difficult to do that well. Underneath all of the complexity is a fairly simple and very cohesive theme.

It excites me as a sportscar racing fan. It immediately reminds me of another odd ball Mazda racing car, the 1992 RX-792P. Even today, it’s surfaces are pretty advanced for a race car.

As a piece of design, I agree with Yo. Mazda started off a little extreme and unsophisticated with the RX-8, now they are hitting their stride.

Here is the recently released European Mazda 6:

In the 6, I can see some of the organic language of the concept cars starting to peak through, while maintaining the now trademark fender from the RX8.

I love this concept. Very nice evolution of that other similar recent concept car with the covered wheels. The name escapes me right now…

Jalopnik had a vid with sound of this thing’s rotary engine running. I’ve never heard one before and unmuffled it sounded like a machine gun crossed with a chainsaw. Very cool

the Taiki…

furai running, crank up the volume

i’m a mazda fanatic, since the late '70s with the original 7. i’ve had a number of their models over the past 20 years. i love being one of their niche consumers. i like the furai as an enthusiast and a designer.

to me mazda has always been more of technological oddity/pioneer and has produced many enthsiast-based models that other manufacturers would water down too much. i am glad their styling has caught up to this in the last 7-8 years.

the 1992 RX-792P still remains the only japanese manufacturer to take the overall win at lemans. like all uncorked rotaries, the sound is surreal and will drill deep into your skull at full pitch. they are ear-bleedingly loud in that form.

secretly, i wish mazda would revive the GTX model in the 3. i had one in the late 90s and that little hatchback was a quattro/wrx/evo killer still at 10 years old.

Mazda’s inspiration for the furai?

You mean the 787B:

yerp. thanks. i get them confused. i saw the Ps at road atlanta a few years ago for the Mitty. still stunning.

i love mazda’s commitment to grassroots racing here in the states too.

I love the organic shapes in the design. They should have asked the designer to design the spoiler too. Probably just a spoiler they had laying in the closet.

The wing makes me think this is a concept for a Le Mans racer. The current Le Mans rules dictate ugly straight wings.

I really like this car. It is my favorite of the recent Mazda show cars. It is a bold, unapologetic design statement as it should be! The design language is a love it or hate it kind of thing. I personally think it adds drama with it’s energetic, fluid quality. The proportions and surfaces are really nice, even without the flourishes and this is why it holds together so well. As I mentioned in another thread, I like that the organic, sculptural elements seem to be visual representations of the medium it is traveling through, like the swirls of smoke in a wind tunnel.

Here is a gallery of more images:

As far as the mismatched wing. The design sketches show something more in line with the treatment of the car itself, so it must be due to regulation rules.

mazda took the 24 hours of daytona this weekend in GT class in the RX-8.

could you imagine the time it took to mould all of that out? jeez, from a fabrication stand point, its a nightmare. Especially if most of it’s carbon fiber, or fiber glass, still, you gotta have respect for the fabricators on this project. thanks for the links to serious wheels too mbd, one of the pics now resides on my desktop

loved this car…my favorite of the show

With the Furai and other recent concepts, Mazda has hit on a unique, ownable aesthetic position. I’m excited that they’ve arrived at a point of view that honestly doesn’t overlap with what anyone else is doing.

It will be very interesting to see how this graphic look translates into production models. I’m crossing my fingers that the production vehicles also get the same kinds of treatment along the body side, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before. More realistically, I think we’ll see this form language end up in front and rear graphics.

I am curious as well about how this aesthetic will translate to production models. As e.bender mentioned, it must be extremely cost prohibitive to manufacture the more ornate elements of the designs. That cost may come down as manufacturing technologies change, so who knows? Also, I have seen some products that were seemingly “impossible” to manufacture make it to production through some clever techniques like this Apple monitor base.

I think one of the biggest problems Mazda will have in translating this form language is that it is so extreme and relies on really dynamic and exaggerated proportions to pull off convincingly. Upper management will need to sign off on some bold (and expensive) packaging to make it work. If they go the cheap route and try and tack swoopy lines on their standard platforms it most likely will just look like cheap aftermarket gimmickry.

They will need to commit as strongly to investing in design as Apple has, with a similar attention to detail.

plus, once someone crashes one of those newly designed cars, how much is it gonna cost to replace the parts? Car guys are gonna realize that. :neutral_face:

After further analysis, I have no clue why they didn’t keep the wavy wing from the concept sketches…cause they don’t have much race car left!

Images courtesy my fairly under-developed blog.