Maywa Denki -- Wacky electronics / music / art

( I hope this is a good place to put this!)

My friend showed me this wacky firm in Japan that does some amazing experiments with music and toys, called Maywa Denki. The second video is longer and does a good job of describing how they play with “nonsense,” but the first one is good if you want to quickly see an example of one of their instruments … and there are some more experimental ones on their site.

Definitely not for everyone but I love it!


Maywa Denki -
Adam and Joe go Tokyo: Meiwa Denki - YouTube

All I see when is this image when I look at the dude with the musical device and the big strap between his legs :open_mouth:

this is awesome!

LOL is that a bad thing? :sunglasses:

Have the Otamatone app on my phone; it changes pitch as you tilt and volume as you pull the characters mouth open.
I think he’s great…