maya, extruding polygons

I have a very basic question about polygons. I drew a polygon in the x-plane and want to extrude it in the y-plane. But instead it seems to be extruding the plane inwards, creating plenty of different surfaces in the x-plane.
I reckon there’s some setting that’s not correct. Anyone has any suggestions?

Is that happening immediately after hitting extrude faces? Or are you using the manipulators?

Check the extrude faces properties. It’s a little hard for me to tell from that picture, but it looks like theres some kind of transform happening in there right away. You want to make sure your specifiying your extrude in the right axis, or make sure everything is zero’d in and then you use the manipulator (or the move tool to reposition the faces).

Thanks a lot!!!
It turned out I had to change the amount of divisions in the properties box, and then type the height in the channel box.