Maya decal/texture mapping across nurbs patches


When importing a model from solidworks into maya 7, it comes in as a series of trimmed suraces.

Applying a graphic to one of these surfaces is simple, but I cant seem to place a graphic seamlessly accross two or more surface patches.

How is this done?

In imagestudio, you have the option to select the surfaces where the graphic is to be placed and then imagestudio automatically converts the surfaces to polygons. Is this how you do it in Maya, if so what is the workflow?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :astonished:

Convert just the nurbs surfaces (select them all together) to polygons. Sometimes the faces can crunch and distort so be careful. Sometimes you can convert to sub’ds if polygon does not allow you to map properly. Same problem with Pro/E and Unigraphics.

Thanks for the reply, I had a feeling this was how it is done.

I had a quick go with it and had a couple of problems.

  1. I cant seem to get the tesselation right when I convert to Polys. ie the NURBS surfaces I convert to polys does not match the surrounding NURBS surface tesselation. Is there a setting that works on all surfaces to get them all to match up? Can you describe the workflow?

  2. Texture mapping polys seems to be a completely different ballgame to texturing NURBS, any good tutorials out there that deal with this?

Thanks for your help