maya - append polygon tool

hi… i ve just began using maya, and was trying to create a face , i am done with creating the eyes and nose, and created the mouth seperate, now the question is , hw do i attach the mouth to the upper half, i know i am supposed to use the append poly tool under the edit mesh, but not able to attach, i know i m being too specific, but hope some one could help me on this one :unamused: .

Are you building the head at once, or are you building each feature and trying to attach them together?

Generally the technique I use involves extruding the edges and welding the points. But like most software, theres a million ways to do things.

Since this is probably a more animation related question then design, I’d suggest checking out some of the tutorials they have online for facial modelling if you haven’t already. Theres a ton of info on how to correctly model a face, set up proper edge loops, etc. If you still need help might be a better place to get Maya specific advice.

Some that I just grabbed off google.

Hope that helps.

thanx much for your prompt reply, shall check out the sites, i too start off extruding the polygons, all the way starting with the eyes, except for the mouth that i create seperate and attach later, let me start off with the online tutorials, thanx once again.