Maximum Grille. Chevy Tahoe.

I think we may have reached max grille?

Didn’t think they could out-do this, the 2020 Silverado 2500HD

But, they’ve done it.

Plenty of space left on that bonnet for more grills.

[ Deleted ]

I’m going to go look at the Cybertruck to clean my pallet after seeing that. Geesh!

Someone needs to give those designers or whoever approved that grille a toothbrush and a bucket of soapy water. Make them clean it and then come back to work and design better parts. Like when Birsel made the Toto guys go home and clean their toilets…oh they had never cleaned a toilet before. Boom - removable seat.

I’m offended by the normal lexus X grille’s as they are without this additional treatment.