maverick render

I stumbled on , seems like a keyshot competitor, anyone have tried this? opinion? What I like about keyshot is the interface and workflow is very intuitive and get the jobs done (and native fusion306/SW import)

I haven’t used it, but it looks very capable. I do feel that any rendering software can produce the goods provided that the person using it knows how to manipulate lighting and materials.

What was your reasoning for moving away from Keyshot? The subscription price model is appealing, I’d love if Keyshot offered month by month licensing so I could pay per project, rather than having to buy up front.

keyshot can natively load sw file without converting to IGS or step or obj, which save quite a time if you are doing a lot of rendering, also their interface and workflow is very fast , its not as advance as others but the rendering result is good enough for me.

Have you looked into Solidworks Visualize? Bunkspeed was aquired by Solidworks and turned into SW Visualize? Very similar to Keyshot. If you are looking for a seamless workflow then Visualize might be better.