Mattress shopping......why all the BS?

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More and more the shady mattress industry looks prime for an smart operator to come in and make a killing.

I can see it now, ‘The Dollar Mattress Club’.

So…after visiting a few more “mattress shops”, both online and off, surprise, surprise, the more BS I found. Recommendations here helped push me toward the memory foam type…

I was close to purchasing the DWR Sonno Prima Memory foam mattress, partially just because of the fact, there was no made-up marketing junk and there is only 1 model in 2 firmnesses. I can trust DWR too. Ultimately though, it felt too firm.

After countless more hours online doing research, I finally made a breakthrough.


The only 100% latex memory foam mattress. Made in Canada. No BS. They have a great founding story, and was started by a guy not in the mattress industry, which says a lot. Not only do they not have a confusing product line (only 7 models, which just vary by thickness of latex memory foam on top of the latex core, and density of the foam - prices just relate to amount of memory foam, as it’s the expensive part, which I can confirm sourcing foams for other products), but they actually give specifications. Density, ILD, etc. Quite a few helpful and not “marketing-y” articles on the website too. Reviews seem overwhelmingly positive. They only sell online and in their own shops too, so no having to deal with shady mattress salespeople. Only slight I could find was that they got dinged by the FTC for some marketing copy using “zero VOCs” and “organic” when tests indicated there was trace amounts equal to normal atmospheric conditions. They addressed the issue on their blog, so I give them props for that. They also post the actual report of test results, unlike any other brand I’ve seen.

Mattresses seem very well constructed from quality materials (all latex - from rubber Hevea tree), certified organic cotton removable covers, made to order in Montreal. Solvent free glues. Latex being natural breathes better, isn’t hot like a Tempurpedic, and doesn’t off-gas or leach chemicals.

Went to their Toronto shop today and spent about 2 hours there testing them out and chatting with the helpful salesgirl who was not at all pushy. She even recommended me NOT buy some of their products.

I pulled the trigger and got the Classic 8. Not cheap, but cheaper than an Eames Lounge, and more comfy.

Should get it in 2-3 weeks and will report back.


I picked up a mid-level quality stiff double from IKEA 10 years ago, it has held up really well.

Even if I could get something of a higher quality at the same price, I have zero patience in haggling with commission sales people for a commodity product. It actually kind of amazes me that that’s still a sales practice…

Two more articles about the BS-

Then there’s these guys, that claim to be against all the marketing, high costs, and BS, but honestly don’t seem much different. No specs, material info, etc. Just some cheap foam perhaps and nice graphics. No details…Low price. Get what you pay for.


That NPR article was fantastic. “No Flip” = evil genius

Penn and Teller have an episode of “Bullshit” (NSFW but available here - YouTube) where they investigate the ‘sleep’ industry. No extra insights but I think the author of the Slate article is interviewed.

Looks like we have a new sheriff in town. Behold, the Beluga:

Quick update.

Got the mattress. Came all rolled up in a cardboard tube/box. Expanded to normal size within 30min. First few nights took a while to get used to, but now I love it. Best thing is it sleeps much cooler than the standard mattress I was used to, and as it’s a limited thickness of memory foam, doesn’t have the issue like some where you get into a rut and can’t get out.

So far, so good. Happy with the new purchase.

Also have to say customer service was really good. I called to check into shipping dates just before it was expected to ship and they gave me good info. They even said they saw my post here on C77 and thanked me for the positive feedback!

Would thus far recommend!


I bought a new mattress a couple of months back, and did a load of research. I went for 1000 pocket-sprung mattress with the intention of adding a 4" topper (goose down or polyester).

The number of springs and their strength relates to the firmness of the mattress, depending on the weight of the person. A pocket sprung mattress is more supportive, and will hold its shape better than an open coil, or a foam one. And the topper is for that added comfort.

I haven’t gotten around to adding the topper yet, as the mattress is very comfortable as it is. It might be a bit hard to get out of bed with one, but I’ll treat myself to it eventually.

Consumer Reports backs up your experience. They say that all of the different brand and model names are pushed by the stores to avoid people cross-shopping. They also said to wait for a sale or ask for a big discount.

Noticed these guys as well: 'Sleep startup' Casper dreams of overturning the mattress racket - The Verge

Article posted April 22, 2014 :wink: