matte rubbery plastic finish

I’m trying to find the material/process(es) used for this product:

What is that ultra-matte rubbery finish? Is it a coating, or the plastic material itself?

I saw them in person last week and the finish is just perfect.

Any help would be great.


If it is a rigid plastic part, ABS, PC, etc. it is an applied finish. Dupont ‘Velva Shield’ is polyurethane coating – clear, matte finish, rubbery feel.

It’s usually referred to as soft-touch.

Thanks guys!

As said above, ‘soft-touch’ is the magic phrase you want to call out on your product specs to vendors. Not all soft-touch is created equal. Most coats scratch off easily. Quality stuff like Dupont and PPG are pricey but durable enough even for cell phones.

Powder-coated metal or ceramic might yield similar optical characteristics too.

On a plastics trade fair this May I stumbled upon something called Softell. Has anyone had any experience with it? The Swedish caption reads:

"Hard but soft
In industrial design circuits it has long been speculated how to get plastic to feel like rubber on the outside but be stiff on the inside. This type of plastic has been used in automotive interiors for emotional effect. The plastic is called Softell and is based on Polypropylene. Feel! "

I remember not being very impressed with the sample, but in many applications a softtouch coating is a no go, so this may be better than nothing.

Info PDF (long link, hope it works):