Matt Choto's Portfolio

Hey board,

I’d appreciate it if you could have a quick look at my first go at a portfolio and give me some feedback for improvement

I’m coming up on my two year anniversary of posting to the boards, I’ve been lurking since 2006 when I started to realize that Law School wasn’t looking as promising as it once did. Figured it was time to pony up and start getting some feedback. It’s a little short and only has 3 projects from last quarter which was my first official quarter of ID work at DAAP. Hopefully I’ll be updating it soon with some of my personal projects.



I looked at you portfolio and I will first start by saying that you seem to have some great basic design skills. You sketch work looks strong. I can see that you have a good understanding of a process form.

Now for the critique. I think you need some stronger pieces. I personally thought the packaging piece was great. I maybe a bit bias, but I thought you showed a good understanding of who the consumer was, you had great form exploration, and the design was nice and had great class.

The mask project, although really cool and creative, it is not a project that is going to get an interview. That being said, I would suggest that it does work for certain jobs, such as if you were applying for a packaging position. For this kind of position I would highly recommend using it as it shows that you understand how to work with paper.

The toothbrush project shows some good rendering skills and a bit of exploration, but like the mask project it is lacking in “not my socks off” appeal. I would recommend that if you are going to use it you either really blow it out and show how it works, or you drop it and show a more memorable project. Everyone does these projects in school where you have to base a design around a brand, character, word, etc… but they can sometimes have some cheese factor to them so you really have to beef it up.

The over all portfolio looks great!! I love the layout. It is nice and clean and as I mentioned above; we have seen work of yours and sketches, let’s see some projects that are going to leave that lasting impression. Troll the core pages and look at what others are doing. If you like copy it in your own way.

Hope this helps and was not too harsh.