matt black cars

the Exige Scura is the latest offering from Lotus cars…awesome… :slight_smile:
i wonder if there are other manufacturers that offered matt black cars for sale ?

I like most of the matte black cars out there. Lamborghini does a Gallardo variant. I saw a photo of an F-430 that looked great too.

Anyone know the situation with keeping the matt finish clean? It seems like road splatter would stick a lot worse…

it does look cool on that Lotus - like its another type of material besides metal or plastic

Icon does it’s vehicle finishes as raw powder-coated metal:

Picture 3.jpg

There were some muscle cars offered with matte black here and there. Mopar did it for stripes and hoods. Ford on louvers and trim. If you are with it you call an all matte black car “murdered out” btw.

That lotus is super hot, the dashes of high gloss on it make the pint job look like that limited ed land rover Discovery

I’d like to see an Audi A4 in matte black, since IMO it’s the MacBook of the car world.

I have always liked flat black on cars, it seems to add a certain degree of attitude or aggressiveness to them. I think the Lotus is hot in this color/finish, it reminds me a of some sort of stealth aircraft (hmm, wonder if radar guns would pick it up :smiley: ). As far as maintaining the finish I haven’t a clue, from what I’ve read, washing is about it. Most of the newer stuff uses a matte clear coat which I don’t think need to be coated with any protectants. But how do you deal with a car with both matte and glossy paint? PPG makes the coatings for Lambo, but there is no info about it on their site other than a press release. I guess with cars like this only the dealer needs to know what to do. Its not like you’re going to take one to the “bubbles car wash” down the street.

Not an A4 but close enough.

I actually customize cars. I have been trying to convince my boss to do this kind of finish for a theme car we are building. The issues I am trying to fit through is durability and maintenance.

This finish can be done through either a matte clear coat or actually using a black vinyl wrap.

:open_mouth: Wow, that looks amazing. If only I had a car worth putting that finish on…

Technically :slight_smile: I think this treatment is called “Murdered Out” (don’t even want to know where that came from).

Looks pretty nice in the right application, but wonder if it’s easier or harder to keep a matte car looking good (thinking it is easier, but…).

Also brings to mind the finish of the original delorian that had only buffed aluminum panels, with no paint (not sure if there was clearcoat or not). Also of course the 50’s hot rod / rat rod that I think started this.

On a side note, I’ve seen a pic someplace of my dad’s 60’s Volvo Amazon (sweet car, BTW) that he had as a teenager, and his brother “did him a favor” and repainted in matte black housepaint/primer with a brush and all. Sure it was no looker, but a free paint job, i suppose…


brushed stainless steel not aluminum on the delorean

Yep, i stand corrected. even better.


Except for the brushed stainless as heavy as heck, and the v6 had a horrible powerband, making the car drive like a turd… but she sure looked good going slow! I saw one out in Oregon, way out in the country on a Sunday drive, I was in the TT, and I think I almost hit it head on cause I was just staring so hard!

Really? This is super interesting to me. How much does a vinyl wrap cost and how long does it last? I think the idea that you could change your car’s color for a year is pretty cool!

I’ve always loves the stealth look of a matte black car. I wonder if the wife would be mad if iI did this to her 328i coupe?

I have always liked flat black on cars, it seems to add a certain degree of attitude or aggressiveness to them. I think the Lotus is hot in this color/finish, it reminds me a of some sort of stealth aircraft (hmm, wonder if radar guns would pick it up ).

Here’s a little inspiration…

I’ve wanted a matte white vinyl wrap on the 2005 sti for years. Some people have used matte paint, but it looks pretty bogus, vinyl seems like the only way to go.

A good vinyl will cost around $4,000, and last you three to six years. Oddly a matte finish vinyl wrap is washed with baby soap, or another soap containing NO ammonia. Obviously vinyl is easier to damage via flying rocks and stuff, but the benefit is that it doesn’t devalue the car like a paint job would. Also, vinyl protects factory paint unless the installer sucks and gives you some razer nicks. Additionally, vinyl can be removed relatively easily, should a change of sensibility be in the works. For the time being, wheeze these pics from my “vinyl drool” collection.

PS: I think this matte black trend is going to run like wildfire pretty soon

You get about 5 years of warranty on most of the car (more in some cases). Removing the residue is a pain, I mean a real pain. But all you need is a 48" roll of 3M Matte Black and a ton of patience (if you’re new at it.)

For some of the stupider looking things you can do wrapping your car:

I’m particularly insulted by the Marlon Brando BMW 750. Gross.

I don’t remember where, but I read a year or two ago that the paint companies are close to a good mix to bring this to mainstream (PPG, DuPont, Glazurit, etc). The trend is definitely bubbling as we’ve seen more concepts using matte black year-after-year.

Here’s some more detailed images of the process.

my opinion up to now was that vinyl coating would be only useful for wild graphics…
but now i may change my mind… :unamused:

does anybody know… considering a whole car…what are the costs of “vinylying” vs painting ?
how about the time required for each operation ?