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I am a product design student at Kingston Uni in London and have been trying to find a comprehensive material database or library. I have managed to find several that are very limited and only list quite obvious, widely used materials. The only one I have found that looks interesting is the materialconnexion site which charges a $200 fee that I cannot afford. I’m not looking for any material in particular as I am carrying out a project that is taking the material as a starting point. Can anyone suggest any free on-line databases or material libraries in the London area??

Thanks …Jon

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Hey there, I too am exploring applications of materials both old and new but particularly in emerging/mutant/future materials. You definately should get a book called ‘material world’ by Frame magazine and you can get it from or at the triangle bookshop in london and good bookshops/design/architecture bookshops. It’s my bible! Trust me it’s A+ Highly recommended. As for free online databases, try this site here:

I hope this helps.


there is also the range of Chirs lefteri books…plastic, wood glass…which have got plenty of materials in them.

The ‘Materials World’ book is very good as are the Chris Lefteri books… although they seem to have discontinued the Plastics one in the series…
there is also ‘Skin’… but they requires a bit more imagination… things are not just listed down…
I recently developed and ran a Materials Research Centre for a major architectural firm in London… (basically the firm wanted one form themselves)
as far as i know… there is
Materials Conexxion
i also found that magazines were an invaluable source…

oh… and try AZOM… Australian materials information… free too… no pictures… but more technical info on some of the most BIZARRE materials / chemicals ever…
not much in the way of industry contacts… but once you know what your looking for is a little easier…

just found this new material and works for some of my projects.

Has anyone subscribed to MaterialConneXion?

This is not an add.

I thought it was a good idea, however, it costs 200 anually to search their database.

hi there,

During my Masters project i have collected some references. You can check them out at:
(books, exhibitions, etc.).

For more information on ‘material resource libraries’ have a look at this overview by Materialworks:
(no worries, just click your way through the German :wink:

If any more specific questions, just let me know.

Greetz from the Netherlands!