materials question

i’m sporting some nike free x-trainers circa 2006 with the micro velcro strap. I was wondering if someone, like Yo, would know what the name is and who the manufacturer is, or something similar. Would be great for a project that i am working on.

Think the original “micro-velcro” was a 3M product like the other Velcro ™ products. I have heard it was first developed for Puma, but not sure if its true or not.

Paiho (Taiwan) also offers a similar product. Called Easy Tape I believe.

I’ve used it on several products in the past before, and it is nice and different, but also have had some issues with the closure ability becoming not as strong over time. Had to switch the spec to standard velcro for production for the high performance product i used it on.

I’m not sure of course the supplier for the Nike Free, but i know the shoe and the material you are mentioning.

I’d guess most top fastening material suppliers now have a similar product.



Thanks alot. Saves a poor grad students life.

anytime :slight_smile: