materials, is that what it is all about?

OK, i work as a furniture designer and have for the past 3 years. I can’t figure out if i am a bad designer or is it the materials that i work with make me look bad. I look at stuff in high end stores and the designs are not that great but the materials that are used are higher end. Can anyone give me an example of well designed products but the materials used are crap but it still looks good. Or does anyone else have examples of crappy materials that look good?

Easy edges furniture by Frank Ghery.

Alot of stuff by Umbra is cheap material (ie chinese rubber wood). The miracles of faux-finishes.

Just out of curiosity, have others confirmed that your work is bad? Perhaps your standards are too high.

most of my stuff is out of rubber wood and they do put some amazing finishes on it. It is mostly teh metal that i have the problems with.

No, it is me that is not happy with my work, well at least the finished results