materials for shoeprototype

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I want to make a prototype of a shoe and I have a 3d printer so I’ll print out the mould for the rubber for the solepad with it and then
cast the solepad with a polycraft PT flex 60:…=I291WC0JO92AQ3

I want it to fit tight.
Like stretch out - foot in - tight fit. without shoelaces or velcro.

So I was thinking about using neoprene for that.

My questions is:

How do I attached the rubber to the neoprene? if it is by using glue, then what glue will be best?

I had also liked to know if there is a material which is better than neoprene for this purpose (good stretching ability and strong) and what type of rubber for casting is the best for a shoe?