Materials & Design! Suggest material??????????????


how could one use the materials in its raw form for a product. how does the materials play an important role in function and aesthetics. i have ben working with materials like bamboo, teak, deodhar, leather, mild steel and thermocol.

I am suppose to design a bike. it is my design project for 5th semeseter. i am almost done with skecthes on paper and a 3d-modelling using 3D-Max and studioworks.

i now intend to make a scale model. So please suggest me materials which would be easy to work with and will be strong and durable.


The thing is… You really need to have a sense of the material and process BEFORE you do you sketches. Design, form, product methodology, etc. is driven by how you will manufacture it and the materials used. Without this vital component of the process, your sketches are basically meaningless. What about creativity? It is a misconception to believe that consideration of materials is a hinderance to creativity.

With a bike, your choices are somewhat narrowed, but none the less important. If you’re using carbon fiber or steel or aluminum… All of these will drive your design considerably.

In your 5th semester of work you should begin to get a sense of how things are manufactured. How you can simulate these processes effectively in a school setting should be addressed by your instructor. It really depends on what you have access to.

Good luck,