Materials and method for building a maquette

Hi all,
i am a new member (just 10 min old :smiley: )…I am actually trying to build a maquette for a building(block of flats).I would like some feedback regarding the materials that i could use and the method i should follow. and if you happen to know any book or relevant internet site.
Thanks once again.

I use whatever I can get my hands on, but really it depends on the forms you are wanting to create.

The classics are foam core, balsa, card stock, and various modelling foams and clays. I’ve also experimented with aluminum wire, veneers, mat board, thin aluminum and stainless steel (not quite foil), and plastics. Also, cork and rubber are two that I want to try working with, but have not found an application that I think will have benefits over other modelling mediums.

In the USA we have a proliferation of ‘hobby’ and craft stores that sell a wide variety of products that can be utilized in models. Not sure what you have available in your area, but anything that you can easily work with is ok.

I’ve seen a few sites online that show some modelling techniques - I’ll see if I can’t dig them up.