materials and manufacturing of iPOD

hi guys, would anyone be kind enough to tell me what materials and manufacturing processes would have been used on iPod (any of 3rd gen to 5th). im thinking polycarbonate and injection moulding ? pardon my inexperienced knowledge :smiley: thanks!

… any replys ?

You could try e-mailing Apple… :stuck_out_tongue:

I"m pretty sure that:

  • The front clear plastic is indeed polycarbonate
  • The white plastic in the middle is probably some lower-grade plastic, maybe ABS or PMMA (could still be PC)
  • the steel on the back is probably thin stainless steel (based on how hard it is to polish), though it could be chrome-plated tool steel.
  • the buttons are…whatever they make touch sensors out of.

as for manufacturing, injection molding is really the only reasonable way to get that sort of finish and the snap-fit details you see on disassembling. It’s possible that on the first models they may have actually cut the PC out of extruded stock and bonded it to the white backing, simply because I don’t know what kind of mold life you’ll get if you try to keep optical clarity.