Material Wear

I bought a pair of higher end casual dress shoes ($190) from Cole Haan recently. Typically I am not one to spend much more than $80 or $90 for a pair of shoes. I have made what I would call two “larger” shoe purchases in my life and both of them I am very happy with…well, so far.

The first were a pair of Blundstones (technically have bought two pair). I bought my first pair about 9 years ago. I bought a replacement pair about a year or so ago. I still consider these boots to be the best shoe purchase I have ever made. Between the durability and fit they were awesome.

A few days after my purchase of these Cole Haan’s I am feeling that I have made a similar purchase. Something that is not only going to be comfortable but will last.

What it makes me wonder is how much thought, especially on the higher end shoes, goes into the wear of the shoe? The Blundstones quite literally formed to my foot after a few weeks of wear and years later still feel as comfy, if not more so, than when I bought them.

These Cole Haan’s feel like they will be the same. The leather is already relaxing a bit after a few wears. The Nike Air cushioning seems to be remembering my foot (it felt a bit lumpy the first couple times I wore them).

All the lower end shoes I have purchased, in comparison, feel as though they were fighting my foot and quite possibly doing more damage than good.

I know you get what you pay for…but I wonder how much thought actually goes into the issues above and how much is just inherent in the higher end materials, etc.

Product like Cole Haans are made in different factories, with more skilled workers, and with better materials designed by better pattern engineers. You pretty much do get what you pay for. The margins are all similar, so a lot of extra coin is going into that product.