Material Supply and Vendors in NYC


I just moved a month ago to NYC from Israel. Working on my lighting project and struggling a bit finding materials for prototyping of the things that I create, so I thought maybe you will know:

  1. Does Parsons has a material store that its students use and people from the outside can use too?
  2. In my school in Israel we have a list of vendors, that you can go to and see the materials with your own eyes, feel them etc, perhaps you know somebody that studied industrial\product design in NYC and could potentially have such a list and be willing to share? Or are there any public lists that somebody is willing to share?
  3. What networking events can I attend to get some acquaintances from the industry in the NYC area?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi dinkaya, welcome.

  1. Forget about the universities, they are very closed off.
  2. Here’s my personal picks:
    T&T Plastic Land
    Art supplies
    NYC Central Art Supply
    Sculpture supplies (foam, clay, etc.)
    The Compleat Sculptor
    Canal Rubber
    Various stores on Bowery between Houston and maybe Hester
    All other things
  3. You already started this topic in the other thread