material resouce

Would anyone or evryone contribute to throwing up links to material suppliers for various aspects of shoes and their primary function. If anyone thinks it is a good idea i will start posting what I know and shouting out for what i need.

well I will get the ball rolling here -
probably known to everyone here - if not they supply leather to some of the major shoe companies from nike to hummel although not always just for shoes


cant go wrong with the usual suspects big name suppliers,

Nan Ya (Taiwan) synthetics
San Fang (Taiwan) synthetics
Paiho (webbings and laces)

plus of course the big chemical companies usually have material depts. such as Bayer, Dupont, etc.


As long as you can meet the minimums that these suppliers demand - if your project is small, theres a really good chance they won’t work with you.

usually at least 300yd minimum qty, or more if a special material. i know all about minimums…tough business for us small guys :slight_smile:

plus also need to consider minimums for sample material for custom color dyes…


We are currently using Nan Ya as a material supplier for products not related to shoes. It look like San Fang might have some other materials we are looking to experiment with. I am having trouble finding any good contact information for thier factory.

Do you have a contact name or email address that I might send some questions to?

Thanks for the help!

Are you producing in Europe or asia? What type of shoe?

For smaller numbers we normally use European factories and suppliers…

Guys, Schoeller have some great new stuff out at the moment (obvioulsy adapations/improvemnets of their existing range)

They have restyled their magazine zoom now and is a good place to PR your designs if you use the Schoeller product



5, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarani

Kolkata- 700001, India

Tel : + 91 33 2230 0373 / 9574

Fax: + 91 33 2230 5125


These guys make eco firendly lasting board called renotex