material for low cost egg package

am nooria currently doing my bachelors in Product design.I have been assigned to design a low cost package for eggs.The idea is to design something for bulk storage and consumer packing.I have to explore the material as they say design is the process of imposing one’s will on materials.The end product will be droped from a height of 12ft for the final judgement.Any suggestions for the material.Please help.


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sowie i just thot this is a different section … :frowning: and i’d get to explore in terms of material.sniff.



I worked hard to get where I am. If you care about your education, make an effort to do it yourself instead of just getting others to do the work for you. You’ve asked this in four or five different threads, and people have been giving you information. Please don’t be so dumb as to expect that someone wlll just design your solution for you. Use the info you’ve gotten and do some goddamn research!

Dude!I wasn’t asking for any design solution … if that was the case …i would have googled it and found it.

I am glad u have reached wherever u are with your efforts and i aint looking for an easy way out.I am completely new to this site and i just thot u post things in different categories…I am sorry for offending

anyways … without trying to sound like a dramatic queen… i wont post.

I have been assigned to design a low cost package for eggs.The idea is to design something for bulk storage and consumer packing.

You have been assigned this from your school??!

Current egg packages are made from 100% recycled paper waste, are extremely inexpensive to make, and work just fine for both bulk storage and consumer packaging. Many paper based egg cartons are now printed with vegetable inks making them completely biodegradable.

Egg cartons are one of the few food packaging systems where using 100% recycled materials is widely accepted by both consumers and suppliers. Changing this would be taking a huge step backwards.

It would be an absolute tragedy to substitute foam or another material for a widely accepted sustainable material just foir the sake of creating a “new design”

yeah thats true … and nothing can be more low cost than pulp…also unlike recycled paper , pulp does not require high quality surface and bleached appearance that paper usually needs.Instead it displays a fun textural finish which gives a very oraganic feel.I think they just wanted to trick us a bit … and wanted to emphasis on low cost materials.

It’s the best example of synthetic packaging but i think they want us to explore more traditional materials … it’s sad that in our school when they say the word material … metal,wood and plastic are the first thoughts.

thanks btw.

I am hoping i can make biodegradable packaging material using banana leaves or maybe coconut or even wheat … i am confused as to which binding material i should use … the cost of the package (6 eggs) should equal to one egg …