material for animals tranformations

I am trying to find pics, details about animals that have the ability to transform, or change color or anything, when they change environment, or face a dangerous situation. Any web site, or even the name of an animal that you remember…Unfortunatelly we do not have any relevant museum around here…


I’m guessing there are even different insects that can change form and so on…Some fish can even change sex.

good luck

might use “cuttlefish” instead of octopus. may get better hits.

Maybe snakes? They shed their skin.

blow up,
with spikes

all sorts of amphibians, crustaceans ( I think i spelled that one right)…insects.

birds adjusting their songs to the noise of cities.

many birds and mammals adjust to their surroundings at the change of seasons. Fish also changes its colors in the new environment… sea slugs change their coloration depending on what coral they are feeding off.

Humans eating too much carrots, do you know that eating beets will make your pee this amazing pinkish burgundy color?

many thanx to all of you for your time to contribute.

@melovescookies : :slight_smile: yeah, i’ve heared that and has happened to me (if you do not know it then you are just start calling the doctors… :sunglasses: )