material databases research

I am studing Industrial Designin Greece and i am doing a research about material databases and material selectors. Do you any source were i can find some information?

Have you looked at or

Are there any other ideas were i can find material databases by there names!Please i am desparetly!

There are thousants of materials. What exactly are you looking for?

Gias sou Pano kai egw apo athens eimai!Psaxno na brw gia baseis dedomenwn ylikwn.Prepei na tis taksinomisw kai na grapso liga logia gia autes.Einai gia thn ptuxiakh mou ergasia!

Kostaki. please write in English. This is an International forum. Others can benefit from what is written.

If you take metals plastics wood glass and minerals alone and include variations, additives, alloys and any of their mixtures you will probably end up with an enormous list. I doubt you will ever find something like that, except for the NASA main server. I would like to help but you have to be clearer on what you want that data base for and if there is a way to avoid it with something different. You being so hasty tells me you may be late to hand in your work. You can contact me at Hope I can be of some assistance to you.

Thanks, Panos.

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Ok Warren sorry!

Thamks Panos! Iread your mail and i believe these sites will help me out.
wait for my news :smiley:

William McDonough created a “cradle to cradle” materials database for designers to select materials and alternate materials based on their molecular chemistry. Unfortunately it’s a for-profit service, but it might just be the most important materials database ever:

Ok cg thanks! I will chec ouy this site!