Material Connexion..anyone use it?

Does anyone use these guys?

I’m a designer for a soft goods manufacturer (laptop and camera bags) so I’d be using it to source new materials and hardware. Is this a good source, or would you suggest trying another avenue?

Thanks in advance.

Its a good source for “advance concepts” or inspiration; but actually getting to use the materials is difficult especially if you source overseas and use local suppliers.

Most of the leading edge stuff that they feature is proprietary to a specific manufacturer and using it does tend to drive your product’s FOB cost up considerably.

I’m guessing since you do laptop and Camera bags, you do a lot of high quantity/lower cost products and you may use a lot of coated PU’s and at best imported Nylons. If thats so, Material Connexion’s price versus its listings may not be much of a benefit you, unless you are preparing to up your price points.

I have used the Italian office and Supernaut is spot on with the analysis of teh service.

Where they are a use is for post processes or applications to existing materials to enhance their aesthtetic or functional qualities.

You probably need to set asids a few days to do your own research and source manufacturers of components etc first hand. I know some good furnishing suppliers if you need but I am sure these are fairly generic (bags are not really my bag)

I also know a one man consultant here in the UK who does this and would cost you a fraction of what MCX would (again if you need)

Good Luck

Same experience as Suoernaut…

thanks guys…

Actually, we’re more of a low quantity/high price manufacturer, so a higher FOB isn’t always that scary for us…obviously it does depend. The problem is because we are somewhat small we can’t mold our own custom hardware or fabrics, so I’ve been trying to find other vendors that might offer something unique, even if it costs more.

Supernaut…what exactly makes it hard to get the items? I’m not exactly sure what you mean. We manufacture in Asia and most of our suppliers are in that region too, but that doesn’t mean we would be against sourcing from other countries/areas.

My main concern is do they have fabrics, hardware, buckles, snaps, clips, cords…etc that I could at least find a possible use/inspiration from.

What industries/projects did you guys use them for?

if your sources are local to the factory or Asia they probably have their own network.

Likewise if your sample factory/production office is in China, getting Korean material can be a headache. In most cases getting out of network, out of country, or Proprietary materials is difficult. Is not like getting a 200 denier PU coated poly where you just dial up and over 100 vendors respond.