masterthesis industrial design! Help! idea or company? theme

masterthesis industrial design! Help! seeking for a theme and topic, Idea or company!!!

anybodys idea is welcome, i am under time pressure for my application form, would appreciate also ideas for companies who are looking for students working in a theme or topic in ID

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dude, c’mon you don’t have any initial direction?

you might get a hundred people suggesting a thesis looking into the rivival of cottege industry production as a method of mass-production.

a thesis is a pretty big endevor, you’ve got to absolutely love the subject matter my friend, or it will be serious trudgery!

what are your intrests? what do you love about design? what do you admire ou there right now? what would you change if you could?

answer some of these questions and I bet you’ll have your topic.


Master thesis?..your going to get a masters in industrial design and you can’t think of anything on your own? Part of being a designer is the ability to look at any object and have ideas how it can be improved. Maybe you skipped that class…

you deserve the grade you get…what a waste.

No no people…I get this.


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Doh!!! I dont like this new system.

They shouldnt have a free for all. Why cant people just register?

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i agree with amc. If someone can not spend 2 minutes to register, then he/she should not have the right to post here…

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It’s killing me too, I’ve almost done the same thing half a dozen times, and I see the double posts all over the forum.

I feel for you C77, kind of a damed if you do damed if you don’ t, a catch 22, a witch trial where if you swim your guilts and if you sink your innocent but dead. Sorry for the tangent/

on the yahoo i.d. forum, somebody mentioned a toilet paper dispenser that prints the news on the toilet paper…could be good, maybe the Japanese have done it, they have amazing toilet designs…