Masters Programs: Pratt vs. SAIC


I am a Mechanical Engineer trying to choose between Pratt’s MID program and SAIC’s MDes in Designed Objects. I would greatly appreciate opinions, experience, and really any information I can get on how these two programs compare. I am concerned about not only the education that I would receive, but also how that education would be seen by employers.

Thank you,

I’m not really familiar with SAIC program, but Pratt’s program is pretty diverse and as comprehensive. It’s a bit like drinking from the fire hose in that they throw a lot at you in a pretty short time period. Coming from an ME background, you’d probably get your head twisted in a really good way by going through the Abstract 3D course progressions. I think this one of the strongest aspects of both the Undergrad and Grad programs.

As far as potential employer opinions…it really comes down to your portfolio, not so much the School you went to. I wasn’t even aware SAIC had an MID program because I’ve never seen a portfolio from there or heard of or met anyone who has done that program.