masters or second bachelors?

Hey there! I am in an interesting predicament, after graduating and 8 months of no employment I finally have a job as a drafter for electrical systems that my brother designs. While Its great finally having a job I feel that I did not get enough out of the bfa in “designed objects” from SAIC, as it did not prepare me for a lot of the jobs that I would like. I tend to enjoy a lot more of the actual making of things, and generating models in solidworks over the drawing of concepts.

Now I am considering going back to school for either a second bachelors in design or mechanical engineering or a Masters in the same field but I am unsure of which option would be a better use of my time. I have heard while masters are great, they can end up closing doors. However I don’t know how employers would feel about having two separate bachelors.

Has anyone here or does anyone know of someone who has gone down a similar path? Are there any schools that I should be looking at or resources I could read?

Thanks for your help,

You don’t need a second bachelors in mechanical engineering or design to “make things and generate drawings”.

If that is what you want to do, then teach yourself. There are plenty of tutorials and online help for solidworks. And you can easily Google how to make something if you don’t know how. If you want to make and model, gear your portfolio towards making and modeling.