Masters or Bachelors?

I am currently studying a undergraduate degree in Product Design Engineering. The course is a 4 year Bachelors with the option of a further 1 year to gain the Masters.

I am unsure about the benefits of doing the Masters, does anyone outwith acedemic circles care or even know the difference?

However up until this point my course has been more engineering theory based so I think the extra year could give me a chance to put together a much more impressive portfolio.

Any thoughts?


Two degrees on your resume versus one; yes, it makes a difference. A Masters will give you more advanced, specialized training.

I suppose that really depends on your program, but at least the potential would be there.

If its only one more year why not??

I would def do it if I had the chance. It won’t ever look BAD on your resume.

read these:

This may be slightly biased as I don’t have a Masters degree…

However… as a senior industrial designer who has seen many portfolios -I would rather hire someone with one year experience in the field than someone with a one year (or two or three) year masters degree. Actual hands-on experience developing products and working wwith clients is invaluable.
It almost seems illogical that someone who has never “worked” in the field can be considered a “master”

I think going for a masters degree is a great idea -however I would work in the field a few years first and gain some experience so you actually have something to reflect on while studying for that masters.

best of luck in your decision whatever it may be