masters of furniture/industrial design what institute attend

I am looking for a good design institute where i can receive a masters in industrial design with a focus on furniture design. I would perfer Europe. Thank you for your time

this is so succinct! i love it!

I can’t think of anything in Europe, but RISD has a full furniture department as well as many furniture classes within ID.

check out the RCA - Royal College of Art, london.
The ‘design products’ program is devided into various platforms headed by impresive people. The head of the porgram is Ron Arad. People like Tom Dixon teach there. London is expensive and the school is expensive BUT you get a lot in return other than a good education. for example:
*funding transportation and living expenses for any student whishing to visit the Milan furniture fair.
*funding a class research trip in places other than london around the globe…

may i suggest you find designers who’s work you like and check their C.V. for the place they studied at.

Looking for the same here. Masters Degree in Europe (prefer Italy) focusing on furniture design. I’d like to get some attention towards the business portion of design to start up a business.

Wild guess… Tuition?
Or better, the lack thereof.

Does the Milan Poloytechnico have Furniture? I’ve seen some good students come out of there…

In England, for furniture, I’d probably go Loughborough or Northumbria rather than RCA. The Royal College is cheaper than the US if your an EU resident, but it’s still way more than comparable schools and in expensive London

Though this is an old thread and the OP has probably found something, it be helpful to others.

My Alma Mater, Konstfack University in Stockholm, has a Masters in Furniture and Interior Design. I went the ID Masters track though. But it’s a good school.

There are more though in the Nordic countries. Scandinavia is traditionally an excellent place for furniture.

Starting in Sept 2012, FIDI offered a Master of Furniture Design with a focus on Italian design: