masters in urban design

hello there,
well, i m faced with a choice, im an industrisl designer, and i now wish to become an urban designer, but have no idea where i should be looking at universities, basically as im an eu citizen its going to be cheaper for me somewhere in europe, but i would also consider elsewhere,
can anybody reccomend any good schools?
also is there much employment in this field?
does anybody know?
many thanks to anyone who replies

I only know one place in the US that offers Urban Design, and it’s the Harvard GSD. Alex Krieger is on the faculty there. Otherwise, you could look into Urban Planning programs. The situation might be different in Europe, where urban design seems to be more advanced.

Pretty much every school with a strong architecture program will probably have what you’re looking for, like Cornell, Penn, Columbia, Yale, and Harvard. SciArc in LA seems pretty good, too, though it’s not as highly ranked as the others I mentioned. So, I would start by identifying good architecture schools and then see what else they offer.

I know in Canada, the top 2 are 1). UBC and 2). UofToronto…although there are a few in Ontario that are really starting to gain recognition as well. UBC offer’s and ENDS program in Enviornmental Design. It’s pretty new but really good from what I head of a friend in it. I’m also in Interaction Design schooling currently, and plan to turn towards the urban design field as well.

But from what I understand, the best places is probably in Britain or Denmark for urban design schools and architecture. That’s what I seem to understand.