Master's in Interiors at Pratt

I am a US citizen living abroad. I applied to the Master’s program in Interior Design at Pratt. I have never been there, but I applied because it was in NYC vicinity and it seemed to be rated so well.

Now, I plan to visit if I am accepted, but in the meantime I have some major concerns.

I had an extremely difficult time contacting someone from the department to answer my questions. Are professors normally this inapproachable? There seemed to be some major disorganization as well. Financial Aid I actually had to call because no one would email. And even then, it seemed like Financial Aid was non-existant.

I know most of you are ID’ers, but even perspective from ID grads at Pratt and what they saw/thought about Interiors would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there!

I’m going to be in the MS Interior Design program at Pratt. I actually didn’t have any of the issues you described. I emailed Mark Karlen directly and it took a few days, but he replied with very helpful information. I’ve also gotten great responses from the student employment people. Financial aid is a little sketchy but eventually they will respond if you bug them. Are you still going to go to Pratt in the fall??

Hi GUest:

I’m a Pratt MID student and also a foreign citizen so I can give you some help with that…so here it goes:
Your first impression is right…Pratt is a little disorganized…but it is also a great school. second I sorry to say but financial aid for new students is very hard to get, normally you apply to it after your first semester, based on your academic record and your financial situation. The amounts goes from $1000 to $2000
You can also get a $ 2000 scholarship for your last year (thesis semester). I don’t know much about the Interior Design department but I recomend you to call the head of your department, he/she will assigm you a councelor that will help you and answer your questions…hope this will help you.