Masters in ID - (US or UK)

I currently have a bachelors in Industrial Engineering from USC. I am considering applying for a masters in ID. There seem to be alot of good schools around in both UK and America, but there is very little discussion about the schools in UK. Are they just as good ? can someone please name some schools with a good ID program in UK.
Also,I will be international student in both places but want to work for a few years, any suggestions on weather it is easier to get a job in UK or America with the whole visa issue and crap?

In the UK, RCA & Northumbria University (Johnathan Ive’s Alma Mater) are usually considered no.1 and 2 respectively. There are lots of others with good designers coming out too including Glasgow, Central St. Martins, Coventry, etc… if you can visit, you might get a good idea to get a sense of which program fits you best

Where are you coming from? That might affect your chances of a work permit