Masters in Business Design

Hey, I’m a design student from India. Just finished with my undergrad studies. Working now.
I’ve heard about a course called Masters in business design , at Domus, Italy. Would anybody be able to throw light on what this course is about , especially in terms of what kind of a career path i would have. Cos , going by the website , the masters in business design is actually an alternative to an mba, and is different in d sense dat it involves design thinking (??) to address strategic issues etc. So, would an MBD , make me a designer with managerial skills or an out of the box thinking manager?

Hey pls! Anyone! Any replies to the above query???

yes…i did do my undergrad studies in design.

The school i’m talking about is Domus Academy , Italy…its so famous amongst indian students…haven’t u heard of it?

Oh, I know that school. I was looking into studying abroad there. A link would’ve helped, haha. Apologies.

In that case, I don’t know much. But it sounds alright. Disregard anything I’ve said.