Masters for Brand Management

I’m looking for a Grad program that would help me move deeper&further into brand management - in the design&creative&experience sense. I know that brand is a confusing&disliked word by many, so let me define what I mean first: I’m talking about the coordination&integration of multiple design&creative disciplines (communications, product, environmental, advertising…moving towards marketing) in the interest of creating a complete experience for the consumer which reflects an organization’s strategy, history, and/or vision. This work is increasingly being managed&linked by chief design officers, chief creative officers, chief brand officers, chief marketing officers, etc. and their teams.

I have an ID undergrad and several years experience in ID moving towards these broader directions…but have found limits to going further: on the professional side, this seems due to the percieved “ownership” of “brand” by ad/graphics/mktg. departments…and on the academic/teaching side because I do not have a Masters degree.

So, any SPECIFIC suggestions for brand related programs&grad degrees that would be appropriate for my situation? A caveat…I cannot handle the math&finance&accounting&statistics of most MBA or MS Marketing programs…

Delft Univeristy of Technology has a Strategic Product Design Master programme that contains part of what you are searching for

Brunel (London) has an MA in Design & Branding Strategy, taught by the School of Design - so it very much takes the viewpoint that brands are to be owned & developed by the designers through the generation of new products, rather than ‘back-formed’ purely from advertising needs.

There’s some work from Brunel’s design department at but this doesn’t include the MA courses.

Thank you for the info - the Brunel program sounds interesting, if a little vague (not a lot of depth on the site about the Brand program). I’m not familiar with Brunel at all - anyone have thoughts on this school in terms of reputation, renown, respectability? How does it compare with schools I’m more familiar with like RCA, Art Center College, IIT, etc.? What’s the first reaction when you see the words “Brunel” on a resume or hear the name at a cocktail party? Is it known locally, regionally, internationally?

Thank you for your opinions!

Brunel is an very respectable school, with a solid (and hard) programme. People in England have a great deal of respect for such school, and (having been there myself) I can safely say I have never seen workshops of that caliber. I don’t know much about the programme you are interested in, but a phone call could clarify many things and leave you with more than an idea. A last note, while walking through the campus, you may very well run into some big shot designer/engineer (James Dyson is ofter around)

Maybe you also should look into the International Design Business Management Programme in Helsinki. A joint programme between the helsinki school of economics, the university of art and design helsinki and the helsinki university of technology.