Masters Accreditation

I was planning on applying to IIT for their Masters Program as I live in Chicago, but just found out that they are not accredited. Anyone have any idea why this would be?

For Masters in Design Programs does…

NO Accreditation = A Bad Program

not in this case.

some prestigous schools just choose not to spend the cash on NASAD review.

Hilarious to choose not to attend one of the most prestigious and well known designuniversities in the world because of lack of accreditation. Talk about poor decision making.

hmmm it could be thier brand of design is a bit differnt. If you notice they offer a MDes (masters of design) degree. Not a MID (masters of Industrial design). From what I read they are more focused on research and analysis…with less focus on aesthetics and sketching. Different can be good

It’s a reasonable consideration - not so hilarious. Remember that the world is big and diverse with people from many backgrounds making hiring decisions and providing staffing approvals.

If the OP is interested in corporate design outside of the midwest for example, you might be surprised to find that the idiots in big corporate HR in San Diego or Taipei or Munich have no idea what IIT is and one of their typical filters of candidates is to verify accreditation, make sure degrees were earned, etc.

Please name one Fortune 500 company or well known design consultancy in the United States that “verifies accreditation” of design schools as a matter of policy.

I promise you won’t be able to.

This has a bearing if you intend to continue on and do a PhD as well. In the case of a bachelors, a non-accredited program will make it difficult or impossible to get into grad school. According to the registrar at my school, the same applies for masters->PhD…

Good luck!